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Snowfork is a research and development group and an incubator of projects and developers that sprouted from a collection of elite developers, designers and product managers with years of experience collaborating on projects together.

We build strong remote-first teams from global talent to incubate our own novel ideas as well as help other businesses accelerate reaching their core goals.

Our technologies and skills:

We work across a wide range of technologies and stacks - full stack distributed systems development is our bread and butter, while R&D with impact technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and new interactive media keep us at the forefront of technological progress.

Mobile Apps

Distributed Systems

Enterprise Cloud

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Game Design

Web Technologies

Fintech Solutions

Security Auditing and Testing

Machine Learning

Open Hardware and Microcontrollers

OS and Virtualization

Our clients:

We have a history of working across the spectrum from Big Tech and Fortune 500 companies to smaller startups and research groups through a variety of industries including finance, games, healthcare, retail, computing, media, and more.


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